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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you're excited to work with us, but you've probably got a few questions about our process. Find out some of the most frequently asked questions here!

  • What is GoDog GameStream?
    GoDog GameStream is a fixed camera install, live streaming service that drives new revenue for leagues, schools and tournament facilities.
  • On what devices can I watch games?
    If your device can stream, you can watch GoDog GameStream. Our customers love watching on phones from the road, mirroring to their TV at home and logging in on their desktop and laptops at work. We’ve had grandparents watch games live at 3am from Italy and parents watch in flight from business trips!
  • How much revenue can we raise with live streaming?
    GoDog GameStream leagues often raise 3x their streaming investment. Schedule a live streaming demo to learn how to offer free live streaming to families and calculate your organization’s potential ROI.
  • How long does it take to install?
    On average, 2 hours per camera.
  • Where do users go to view games?
    GoDog Sports launches a streaming portal branded for your organization, complete with user management for privacy. Any registered user can login to watch games live and OnDemand, as well as create highlight clips and download games.
  • Do we need Internet at our location?
    We can leverage your existing cable Internet to stream games from your league. If you don’t have Internet, can have exclusive agreements with satellite and 5G mobile providers to bundle connectivity, as needed.
  • Can I watch games live?
    Yes, that’s what we specialize in! And we take pride that our top customer feedback is the superior video quality we deliver to any device.
  • My location has leagues and tournaments. Can we stream both?
    Yes, in fact we can launch unique streaming portals with their own branding and user registration for any number of leagues and tournaments. Each portal can broadcast the same cameras.
  • Can I watch games after they broadcast live?
    Yes, games are archived so families can watch games OnDemand.
  • Is it easy to use? Can grandparents watch live games?
    Yes, our streaming portals have a simple registration flow and viewing portal that was designed for kids and grandparents.
  • Can I create highlights and download games?
    Yes, you can create clips and download full games for a nominal fee if you want to share to social or edit your own reel.
  • Do you have onscreen scoreboards?
    Yes, scoreboards can be included for any sports, enabling families in the stands or watching at home to easily update the onscreen score.
  • Is GoDog GameStream secure?
    Every customer gets a branded streaming portal with user registration. We have a unique passcode protected invite system, so your organization can control and monitor who has access. We don’t offer open camera feeds for anyone to watch.
  • Can we offer advertising and sponsorships and keep that revenue?
    Yes, you can offer sponsorship packages to display advertisers on your streaming portal and over the video feed. In fact, league and schools can not only raise funds to fully subsidize the cost of streaming, but also raise funds for their organization.
  • How does GoDog GameStream compare to other systems?
    We differentiate on quality, affordability, reliability, secured access and operating as a fully managed service. We also provide organizations with multiple ways to raise revenue. With GoDog GameStream, live streaming isn’t a cost, it’s a valued revenue driver.
  • Can GoDog Sports install and broadcast any sport?
    We’ve installed and currently stream most indoor and outdoor sports. Every install is a little bit different, which is why we have a national installer network in place to customize your system.
  • Who provides support?
    Your organization point of contact and any end user will have access to GoDog Sports customer service. We can help anyone with any questions during game time.
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