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Add Live Streaming Video to Youth Sports Leagues

As “baseball” parents, we know the sacrifices you make to keep your kids involved with youth sports. We also know the joy, excitement, and camaraderie among players and families that make it all worthwhile. These are lifelong memories you are making with your kids. They grow up fast, so enjoy the moments for all they’re worth.

But what about all those times you can’t be there because of social distancing, work, overlapping games of siblings, and “life” just getting in the way? Like you, we’ve been there after a missed game, listening to our kids tell us about the awesome play they made, like turning a double play or catching a TD in the corner of the endzone. These are moments you don’t want to miss, and now you don’t have to thanks to real time live streaming.

We’re not talking about FaceTiming, while your significant other is jumping up and down screaming your kid’s name out. That’s not how watching a live stream game should be. No one can enjoy the experience, right? Let alone enjoy watching it later at home.

What we’re talking about are real time live streaming systems that are being installed at youth sports leagues and venues across America today. Live streaming youth sports with professional installations is just emerging as the next wave of innovation at leagues, schools, and tournament complexes. And the incredible set of features takes the live stream experience to a whole new level.

The best live streaming solution available today is GoDog GameStream. As youth sports parents, we developed GoDog GameStream to deliver highest quality video, a simple to use interface, and an affordable price. We don’t take a cookie cutter “take it or leave it” approach, like the camera vendors out there. We are a service provider and customize everything to suit the needs of our individual league clients.

With GoDog GameStream you get:

  • HD live stream cameras

  • Live streaming

  • On demand access to games

  • Bookmarking

  • Highlight creation

  • Game downloads

  • Web portal with your venue, league, or school’s branding

  • Custom dashboard to manage teams and schedules

  • User management for a secure experience

  • Exclusive high-speed satellite Internet at ANY location, thanks to ViaSat (optional)

  • Customer service with account managers

And best of all, it’s surprisingly affordable. We even have ways for you to raise money to pay for your system and raise revenue for your organization with sponsorships and advertising revenue.

GoDog GameStream is focused on customer satisfaction, and the only way we can do that is by working closely with you before, during, and after the installation. We start by scoping your location, during a Zoom and Google Maps session scheduled at your convenience. We work with you to figure out the best system and configuration for your needs and budget. Then, we complete the installation at your facility which typically takes about half a day. We also train league personnel on your portal admin tools and monitor your feeds to maintain uptime. Our operations team lives by the motto: “We Install. You Stream!”

GoDog GameStream can also be an important part of your league’s safety protocol. In today’s uncertain times, social distancing is key to safer interaction between players, coaches, and families. Click here to see how social distancing can be done more effectively with GoDog GameStream –

With GoDog Game Stream, everyone can enjoy the game, from wherever they are, on any connected device. Never miss a moment with GoDog GameStream – where kids are the stars!


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