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How to Add Live Streaming Video to High School and College Sports

As we approach the new school year, every high school and college in the country has been impacted by COVID-19 and is evaluating their sports future. Responsible decisions are being made concerning the health and safety of student athletes, coaches, parents, boosters, and anyone associated with live sporting events. And it’s not just one sport. It’s all sports.

Fortunately, sports will return at some point, but changes in how we compete and view sporting events will change dramatically. Testing, spectator distancing, mask wearing, and other protocols will become the new normal. More than ever, now is the time to consider a solution that is already in place at high schools and colleges all across America – live sports streaming.

Whether you’re an athletic director, coach, or involved parent, you want to provide an amazing experience for student athletes, coaches, families, and fans at your sporting venues. You also probably know that live streaming high school and college sports is no longer a nice to have; it’s an expected service and a great way to differentiate your school and attract potential athletes. Mounting a camera on the backstop, backboard, or 50-yard line may record part of the action, but it won’t get it all and doesn’t stream live to all families.

High schools and colleges need professional installation for an affordable price that is custom made for each sporting field, court, or venue. It’s not just football and baseball. Basketball courts become volleyball courts and wrestling rings. Soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse often share fields. With a live streaming solution in place, your school can broadcast virtually every sport, so families and fans never miss a moment. And now the next wave of live streaming innovation is coming to market for schools across America, with incredible features that take the live streaming experience to a whole new level.

The best live streaming solution for youth sports tournaments available today is GoDog GameStream. GoDog is not just a camera vendor. We are a service provider and developed GoDog GameStream as a managed service, meaning we scope your sports venues, manage the install and work with you under flexible business models that are tailored to your needs.

GoDog GameStream was created with three key things in mind. First, we wanted the highest quality video stream possible. Second, we wanted a simple to use, cloud-based interface customized with sports venue branding and easy enough for grandparents to use. And finally, it had to be affordable. GoDog GameStream offers more than any other youth sports live stream system in the industry.

With GoDog GameStream you get:

  • HD live stream cameras

  • Live streaming

  • On demand access to games

  • Bookmarking

  • Highlight creation

  • Game downloads

  • Web portal with your venue, league, or school’s branding

  • Custom dashboard to manage teams and schedules

  • User management for a secure experience

  • Exclusive high-speed satellite Internet at ANY location, thanks to ViaSat (optional)

  • Customer service with account managers

And best of all, it’s surprisingly affordable. We include a revenue share with the complex and support sponsorships and advertising. We also offer unique connected service including SnackBarTV, to follow every game at concessions stands, WiFi hotspots for the convenience of your customers, and point of sale solutions, including touchless pickup and delivery to the stands.

But GoDog GameStream is particularly effective for coaches and scouts. With our live streaming system in place, coaches can have multiple camera angles to use as a real-time “virtual coach” to help their athletes reach their maximum potential. And for those athletes who are true standouts? GoDog Game Stream allows scouts to track and evaluate players remotely. Regardless of their sport, athletes get the exposure they need and deserve with a GoDog live video streaming system.

GoDog GameStream is focused on customer satisfaction, and the only way we can do that is by working closely with you before, during, and after the installation. We don’t take a cookie cutter “take it or leave it” approach, like the expensive camera vendors out there. We are a service provider and customize everything to suit the needs of our clients. We know that schools operate under tight budgets. We’re here to help you get the best possible system, attentive service, and at an affordable price.

We start by scoping your location, during a Zoom and Google Maps session scheduled at your convenience. We work with you to figure out the best system and configuration for your needs and budget. Then, we complete the installation at your facility. We also train personnel on your portal admin tools and monitor your feeds to maintain uptime. Our operations team lives by the motto: “We Install. You Stream!”

If you already have a system in place, it might be time to update your system with GoDog GameStream. We can assess your current system and installation and show you how easy and affordable it can be to get a serious upgrade and offer a better experience to everyone.

And again, we know we are all dealing with a pandemic crisis that has brought schools to their knees. GoDog GameStream can be an important part of your safety protocol by using video to reduce crowd sizes and maximize safety for players, coaches, and families. With GoDog GameStream you can maintain social distancing and still provide a way for everyone to enjoy the action. Click here to see how social distancing can be done more effectively with GoDog GameStream –

With GoDog GameStream your school athletics will take a giant leap forward in innovation and safety so everyone, including grandma and grandpa, can finally enjoy all sporting events from wherever they are in the world, on any connected device. Never miss a moment with GoDog GameStream – where student athletes are the stars!


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