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CUSTOMER INTERVIEW: Little League Board Member Discusses Experience with GoDog GameStream

A new era in live streaming youth sporting events began this spring in southern California at multiple sports fields utilizing GoDog GameStream and their HD broadcast system. Live streaming youth sports is quickly becoming popular and utilizing satellite technology to deliver the broadcast is a unique and exciting game changer.

One of the early adopters of the GoDog technology is the Sherman Oaks Little League, just outside of Los Angeles, California. Azzie Mackenzie, a board member of the league, offered a few thoughts on GoDog GameStream and reaction from the league and families.

What are families saying about GoDog GameStream?

AM: Families love it. The live streaming is by far the most talked about thing at the league this year. My kids have their friend’s games on at home literally every day. But being able to enjoy the games from afar is the biggest plus. Once the GoDog system was up and running, family members from around the world were able to watch games on their computers, phones, and even mirror it on their big screen televisions. Often, they’re seeing their grandkids play for the first time.

I’ve heard most from working parents who can now watch their son or daughter play games from work or while traveling. One of our coaches couldn’t be here last week, and he was watching from an airport on the east coast. He was able to watch his team play and even had some random people comment on how crystal clear the video was. Another parent had two games up on his PC monitors at work while both his kids were pitching at the same time in two different games. Across the board, everyone has been impressed with the quality of the feed and happy to be able to see their kids playing.

What made you decide to install a live stream system?

AM: Ever since live streaming was available, parents were asking about it. But it was never affordable, and it was a hassle to set up equipment and get someone to operate it.

Then we met the team from GoDog who showed us their system and it was incredible. Once approved, they came in and had everything set up and deployed the same week. All parents had to do was register and login to the GoDog website portal to start watching games.

What are some of the things you like most about GoDog GameStream?

AM: I like the control we have. We can turn cameras and audio on and off anytime we want from our admin web interface. There’s also a scheduler where we can set times for cameras to turn on and off. We can also ensure only league members and their friends and family can watch games. People have to register first and then can invite their family members to join. Other systems let anyone watch kids without any kind of registration, which we wanted to avoid.

We also have the option of adding local advertising to the system, so anyone who’s sponsoring the league can get more exposure and eyeballs from people watching the game.

Some of the other features are great, too, like having guaranteed Wi-Fi Internet. The satellite system GoDog uses creates a league-wide Internet hotspot. This is really convenient for siblings who have tablets, for our parents who score GameChanger and you can even make WiFi calls through the hotspot.

Also, from a league perspective we like that GoDog handles any customer care questions from both the league and our families. We are all volunteers, so we look for partners and systems that are as plug-and-play as possible.

Getting Started with GoDog GameStream

GoDog GameStream starts with the custom installation of HD cameras and state-of-the-art satellite Internet, which usually takes less than one day, and they can install the system anywhere kids are playing sports. Then youth sports leagues can broadcast their games with a crystal clear, 1080p video stream. Friends and family can watch live games on a computer, tablet, or phone from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.

Here’s what a GoDog GameStream installation looks like:

-A GoDog representative scopes the facility with a league rep. This includes taking measurements, locating power, where equipment will be located and more.

-Next the GoDog rep identifies the best dish location to cover all fields – GoDog satellite Internet is 100% dedicated bandwidth for the streaming needs of customers.

-Then, GoDog identifies the ideal location for cameras, which for baseball fields is typically at the backstop. Rectangular fields for football, soccer, and basketball are mid-field, with a special 180 degree camera that features 4 lenses for high definition detail across the entire field.

-Finally, GoDog schedules the install crew and launches the system on the same day.

It’s that easy.

Find out more about how incredible the GoDog GameStream system is and why using satellite technology is the game-changer in live broadcasting youth sporting events.


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