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GoDog GameStream is a Home Run for Live-Streaming Youth Sports

Live-Streaming Youth Sports Just Got Easier and Affordable
GoDog GameStream is Changing Live-Streaming Youth Sporting Events

All too often youth sports games take place when parents are at work or traveling.

Grandparents, relatives and friends who live out of town may never have a chance to make to a game.

The answer is live-streaming youth sporting games, and thanks to advancing technologies, live streams are becoming more common, so those who can’t be there in person can watch the action via the Internet.

Unfortunately, live-streaming is still only available at select facilities and can be cost-prohibitive for schools, leagues, and tournaments.

Plus, even if live-streaming is available, it can be difficult to know how to watch, and the viewing experience falls flat.

In most cases “live-streaming” is literally in the hands of those attending the games who try to use their phones to capture that big play when it suddenly happens.

Coaches often try and provide video, but they have to have access to professional equipment, spend time setting it up, and have someone available to operate it.

Enter GoDog GameStream, a new way to live stream youth sporting events that is easy for sports leagues, schools, sports complexes and facilities to set up, has tons of cool features, and in many cases can pay for itself.

What is GoDog GameStream?

GoDog GameStream was created by people like you – coaches, school officials, youth league directors, and parents.

We were tired of missing games, missing our kid’s experiencing their first homerun or big play, and trying to “watch” games through GameChanger.

We saw a need that wasn’t being filled by any of the few live streaming video services, so we decided to build our own system, GoDog GameStream.

GoDog GameStream is a unique live stream video broadcasting system. We focus exclusively on broadcasting and recording youth sports.

And because we watch our own kids, we designed a system that covers all the bases.

First, we install HD camera(s) at ball fields, venues, sport complexes… virtually anywhere kids play sports.

Then, using dedicated state-of-the-art satellite Internet, we broadcast a crystal clear, high definition video stream from every field, so people can watch youth sporting events on a computer, tablet, or phone from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection. Finally, we record each event so families, friends, players, and coaches can watch the action again and again, and create, save and share highlights.

But the capabilities of GoDog GameStream don’t stop there. Check out these additional features that make GoDog GameStream the best live streaming video service available for youth sporting events.

  • High Speed Satellite Internet

  • We use the same satellite Internet system used by our nation’s military, so it’s designed to work anywhere. This ensures that no matter where your events or tournaments are played, GoDog EventStream system will deliver. GoDog can also add a Hotspot to provide dedicated high-speed broadband for your tournament. So, if your tournament or facility has poor or no Internet, we’ve got you covered!

  • Playback and Save Highlights

  • GoDog EventStream records and stores entire tournaments, every game, every highlight, every moment. With our Highlights Creator, families can tag moments and clip highlights of their kids making a great play and then share memorable moments on their social channels. All events are stored for up to 90 days, so people can go back and watch whenever they want.

  • Multicam

  • GoDog’s live stream is a top notch, high definition viewing experience whether we install one camera or multiple cameras. Spectators can see all the action, hear the cheer of the crowd, and even keep track of the action with a crowd-sourced scoreboard.

  • Cost Effective

  • We understand that live streaming can be costly. So, we look for ways to help offset the cost by providing revenue generation capabilities. Our system is VAST compliant so we’re ready to take on all kinds of advertisers and sponsors. If your facility has a snack bar or club house, we can install GoDog Snack Bar TV, so people can watch while they eat. It’s also an additional advertising and sponsorship opportunity!

  • Security Guaranteed

  • The security of our system is our highest priority. The GoDog EventStream system is hosted in a secure, cloud-based environment. We will create a live, password-protected game page for your facility or event. Every game requires all viewers to be registered and approved by coaches, a tournament director, or an approved authority. You control who’s watching the events and the players. You can turn video and/or audio off on any fields at any time. You also receive comprehensive reports after each live streaming event that tells you how many people viewed, who watched, for how long, and more. And, with GoDog Security we can provide an extra layer of security with overnight surveillance for your fields and facilities.

  • Easy Set Up

  • Our experienced teams are available nationwide, and typically do full installations in half a day.

Get GoDog GameStream

GoDog GameStream is simply the best live streaming system for youth sports. With unrivaled service, features, and support, there’s no reason not to give GoDog GameStream a try. From a baseball diamond in the middle of nowhere to massive, big city sports complexes, we have a live streaming solution that is right for you.

And it all costs less than one trip to the snack bar! Find out how easy and affordable it can be to provide live streaming for all your youth sporting events.


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